Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hillary Clinton and the "Invisible Soldiers"

"Kneel in my presence, Fousesquawk"

Have you seen Hillary Clinton’s new campaign commercial? It is (apparently) a clip from one her outdoor speeches in front of an adoring audience somewhere “in the Heartland of America”. Her theme is that, to President Bush, America’s “victims” are invisible, you know, single mothers and such. Then she gets to her main line, which is the thing that especially pains her is that, to the president, America’s soldiers are also invisible. To that, I say that a little reminiscing is in order.

Let us go back to the days when the Clinton Administration came into office in January 1993. Of course, we knew during that first campaign in 1992 that Bill Clinton had been a certified draft dodger, who, in one letter that survived, expressed his “loathing” for the military-this during the Viet Nam era.

Gradually, we learned some other tidbits from the Clinton years in the White House. For one thing, military officers assigned to the White House were ordered not to wear their uniforms since “it made White House staff feel uneasy”. On at least one occasion, military officers were reportedly detailed to serve hors d’oeuvres and drinks at a White House social function. Then there was the incident when a general was passing a female White House staffer and greeted her with a simple “Good morning”, only to be told by the woman that she did not speak to military people. The president tried to deny that the incident ever took place. But it did take place. In fact, it was determined that the officer in question was none other than former drug czar, General Barry McCaffrey.

This was the mood in the Clinton White House, a workplace where, according to various stories, some confirmed, others not, interns had sex with the president, non-political workers were told not to even make eye contact with the First Lady, and the First Lady herself reportedly threw a book at a Secret Service agent who refused to carry her suitcase upstairs. (For those of you younger voters who are too young to remember the Clinton presidency, the First Lady was Senator and presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton.)

These are, to be accurate, reported incidents. Some have been denied by Clinton et al. (Of course, they all denied Monica Lewinski until the cows came home wearing soiled blue dresses. ) If Hillary Clinton wishes to deny any of these events ever happened, she may do so. In fact, I would invite the representatives of the mainstream news media, who are covering her campaign and moderating the Democratic debates to ask her about these charges in light of her comments about the military being “invisible” to President Bush. Of course, she will respond with one of her patented 2-minute tap dances, but at least someone could put her on record. Sure they will. Wonder why the Dems won’t do a debate by Fox News?

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