Tuesday, February 12, 2019

The UCI Anti-Israel Film: The College Fix

Hat tip The College Fix

"The Fix sent multiple emails to the dean of each sponsoring school, but did not receive a response.
Tom Vasich, director of media relations at UCI, told The Fix in an email “the exercise and protection of freedom of speech and expression are at the core of the university’s mission.”
The university also “maintains robust programs and partnerships” regarding Israel and issues facing the Jewish community, Vasich wrote. His email was the “final statement” the school would have on this event."

Reference is made to my report on the Palestinian propaganda film shown at UC Irvine on January 31, which was sponsored by the Schools of Humanities, Social Sciences and Social Ecology. I passed on the information to my friends at The College Fix, and below is their report done by Lexi Lonas.

"Asked to comment on Fouse’s allegations about him, LeVine told The Fix in an email that Fouse’s retirement is “the best news I’ve heard in a long time.” He called Fouse “completely unqualified” as a lecturer, and Fouse’s comments about LeVine “about as relevant as his comments on australian rules football would be.”
LeVine said he has attended “zero” anti-Israel events, as Fouse described them. “When racist idiots who have no business teaching anyone anything want to lob non sequiturs, I have too much to do to spend much time answering.”

Did I say LeVine has "attended" anti-Israel events? Strike that. What I actually said is that LeVine has spoken at anti-Israel  events. Why sit silent in the peanut gallery when you can make a fool of yourself at the podium? As for his wild, silly, and inaccurate comments about me, I would have been offended had he complemented me. How could I carry that shame around for the rest of my life?

The bottom line here remains that UC Irvine put their imprimatur on a one-sided event designed to trash Israel and push the Palestinian narrative. Will they now accept the challenge of similarly sponsoring a pro-Israel event?  Don't hold your breath. The fact that certain student groups like Students Supporting Israel or the College Republicans have sponsored pro-Israel events (which are routinely disrupted) does not get UCI off the hook. 

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