Wednesday, October 19, 2016

UC Irvine's New Pro-Arab, Anti-Israel Studies Department

Under None Other Than Mark LeVine

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Hat tip Campus Watch


“We want to give students the opportunity to follow the most creative and personalized path toward knowledge possible … [and] to help them engage the complex issues related to the Middle East with reason and civility, to speak freely and honestly about very difficult subjects in a spirit of open discourse,” says UCI history professor Mark LeVine, director of global Middle East studies.

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Marc LeVine showing off his tattoo

It looks like UC Irvine will follow in the footsteps of establishing a Middle East studies department in the mold of UCLA's Center for Near Eastern Studies-that is- pro-Arab, post colonialist, and anti-Israel. They couldn't have chosen a better person to lead it than Marc LeVine, a UCI professor (who blew up at me because I called him an anti-Israel activist) in the classic mold of other "academic luminaries" such as Hatem Bazian, Theo Goldberg, James Gelvin, David Lloyd, Gabriel Piterberg and other UC professors dedicated to pushing the Palestinian narrative.

"We believe we’ve designed a program that will provide students with a unique level of preparation for graduate study or work in a variety of fields in a manner not possible in programs of study located in individual disciplines or narrowly bounded regions"

The only thing this will prepare students to do is hold those annual Israel apartheid events every May.

"GMES is, in fact, the first truly interdisciplinary and interschool major at UCI, so our hope is that it breaks ground for similarly eclectic and broad majors to be developed that bring together the humanities, social sciences, hard sciences and arts and, in the process, shatter the isolation that still inhibits collaboration by colleagues across the campus."


Q:" Do you think GMES is a model for other majors?"

A: "Yes, it is, especially those involving medicine and sciences such as engineering and hydrology."

                                                                                    A model for medicine and engineering?
 Sure, Mark.

I wonder if this new department is getting any funding from the Saudis or Qataris.

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Miggie said...

He is the absolute worst! He wrote an article for Al Jazzera that was full of absolute lies ( I checked the IDF source report he cited and he misrepresented what it said) and ir formed the false narrative of what the Arab world believes preceded the Gaza War.

As it says in the Report on Anti-Semitism at UCI, Any student who has a strong Jewish identity should consider another school besides UCI.

That should also apply to all donors and alumni. UCI has demonstrated once again that they are rotten to the core.