Sunday, February 16, 2020

Another Syrian Rape in Sweden

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Here is another Syrian "success story" from Sweden. In the northeastern city of Umeå, a 16-year-old Syrian has been sentenced for raping a girl in the toilet of their school. Wait till  you see the sentence.

Mortada raped girl in school toilet-threatened to kill girl's family

UMEÅ - The 16-year-old Syrian Mortada forced a girl student to follow him into the toilet in a school in  Umeå.  There he raped her. Now he is sentenced  by the Umeå court for, among other things, rape, unlawful threat, and abuse. Due to his age, he escapes jail and is sentenced instead to juvenile care. There will be no deportation. 

It was 16 May last year that Mortada met his victim in the Grubbe School in Umeå. He had met the girl some months before, and now he called her over to him. After the two smoked a cigarette, she wanted to go off to a class but Mortada had other plans.

"The girl tried to leave the scene but was stopped by Mortada; he laid his hand on her shoulder. She tried to leave the scene but was stopped by Mortada, who used words as well as physical means; he laid his hand on her shoulder. He later began to say that he was horny, and he wanted to lay with someone. He asked her if she could come home to his place, but she said that because of her class, she didn't want to. He tried to persuade her and said that they could have sex in a toilet which was located near the entrance of the school, but she didn't want to.

Mortada continued to insist, (and) among other things, he invited the girl to work in the local drug business in exchange for sex in the toilet. When the girl continued  to turn down the invitations, Mortada's tone became sharper.

From the judgement:

"He went on to say that if she didn't want to (have sex) with him, then he would do harm to her family members; He said that he would kill her younger sister."

"Mortada also pointed to the ground and said, 'your family will be there'. Mortada said that he would have someone kill her family members. He also made a gesture drawing his finger over his throat." 

The girl became desperate and in the end, gave in to Mortada's threat and went into the toilet, where Mortada raped her, partially using physical force.

The raped girl is not the only girl who was abused by Mortada. Another girl, who he had earlier had a short relationship with, was abused by him. He also threatened to hurt the girl's family. He later sent an SMS to her and wrote  things like, "whore" and "your mama's pussy”.
In the district court's judgment, the opinion of a social worker is highlighted.

The social worker thinks that the rapist should go through a "supportive conversation treatment within the framework of the program that is targeted at young offenders"

From the judgment:
"The starting point for the conversation will be to strengthen Mortada's ability for impulse control and help him develop sound attitudes."
Mortada is sentenced by the district court to juvenile care and juvenile service of 150 hours for the rape, abuse, fraud and unlawful threat. He will also pay damages of 115,000 kronors to the raped girl. To the girl he abused, he will pay 10,000 kronors.
Mortada, who is Syrian, escapes deportation.
The district court states in the sentence that it is a very serious crime that Mortada is guilty of. They write that (they are sentencing him) to the longest possible punishment that can be given.

"Considering the high penalty of the criminal record and the nature of the crime, juvenile care is combined with juvenile service, and that will be the highest number of youth service hours that can be sentenced."

Fousesquawk comment: Yep, that will teach him. And you wonder why Sweden is the rape capital of Europe.

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