Sunday, December 15, 2019

Turkey's Efforts to Radicalize its Diaspora

Hat tip Gates of Vienna and Miss Piggy

I am cross-posting an article from Gates of Vienna. It is a translation (by MIss Piggy) of an article in the Berlin Morgenpost describing the effortds of the Turkish governmemnt and its religious affairs arm in Germany, Ditib, to campaign against Christmas in Germany. The article is written by Jen Meyer-Wellmann.

Comment: I visited Turkey twice in the 1980s before the advent of Erdogan. I was favorably impressed at that time. I have also followed the progress of the Turkish community in Germany over the decades. When they first arrived as guest workers, they were subject to discrimination. Many have stayed, persevered and succeeded. Others have not. It is sad to see Turkey's European diaspora succumbing to the intolerance and radicalism of Erdogan and his henchmen. This can only result in a  further alienation from the rest of German (and European) society.

Not that most Europeans care about Christianity much anymore, but they still consider Christmas part of their culture. That is why we see a rise in attacks against Christmas markets around Europe. I expect it will happen against this year.

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