Thursday, November 14, 2019

Juan Cole and the "Landmark" Decision by the European Court of Justice

Hold on to your hats because the European Court of Justice, which is the latest version of the Soviet Supreme Court, has come out with a "landmark" ruling that Israeli products produced in the West Bank must be labeled as such before being imported into the EU as opposed to being labeled "Made in Israel".

According to University of Michigan comedian Juan Cole, this is the biggest thing since Roe v Wade.

Where to begin? One would think that the EU Court would have better things to do, like deciding the size of beer glasses used in EU restaurants or how cucumbers must be sliced before being sold in European markets. (Don't laugfh.)

For Cole, who is, as always, a stooge for the Arab world against Israel, this is a historic step for human rights, which it is really isn't.

"The Court of Justice is made up of a justice from each of the countries in the European Union (28 until Britain leaves) plus 11 advocates general. It strives to ensure that European laws are applied equally throughout the EU. It represents the aspirations for a rule of law and social justice of 500 million people. It is arguably a more important, a far less corrupt, and a much more representative body than the US Supreme Court."

What a laughable statement. One court makes rules that apply to 28 countries, and Cole thinks that it represents the aspirations of 500 million people. It is more like a court in Moscow making decisions that apply to the people of Azerbaijan in the old  USSR. A sizable chunk of those 500 million people Cole refers to are sick and tired of having their lives ruled by the bureaucrats of the EU, in this case, 28 judges sitting in Luxembourg of all places.

Naturally, Cole drags out his usual rhetoric about "squatters" and "occupation" forgetting that the West Bank is not a country called Palestine illegally occupied by Israelis. In all of recorded history, there never has been a nation called Palestine. The so-called "Palestinian people" only began referring to themselves by that name in the 1960s. The land  is actually disputed territory yet to be decided by that long hoped for peace treaty between Israelis and Palestinians.

"The ruling is unlikely to deter ongoing Israeli dispossession of Palestinians, which is enabled by strong US support for virtually any violation of human rights or international law the far right wing Israeli government wishes to undertake."

Such as Israel responding against Gaza after rockets were (yet again) launched into Israel this week?

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