Sunday, September 15, 2019

Alice Weidel (AfD) Speech in German Bundestag

Hat tip Gates of Vienna for editing, Vlad Tepes for sub-titling and Miss Piggy for  translation.

This week, Alice Weidel, co-leader of the conservative party, Alternatif fuer Deutschland, spoke in the Bundestag in Berlin about the mishandling of the economy by the left-wing parties in control of the government as well as their catastrophic handling of the refugee crisis. A couple of things stand out in this video. One is the logic, poise, and speaking ability of Ms Weidel. Second is the rude treatment whe was afforded by the deputies on the left.

I have seen some pretty rude parliaments in action around the world. Japan (at least in the 1970s) and Britain come to mind. Compared to those two, you might consider the German reaction pretty mild. Yet, Germany is a unique case. Don't those knuckleheads realize that lack of decorum in the Bundestag will only bring back memories of the Reichstag in the early 1930s, when the Nazi party was just beginning to have its own representatives sitting there? And these same people call AfD "Nazis" because they are against the out of control immigration policies of Angela Merkel-policies that have made German cities and means of transportation positively unsafe for Germans. On the contrary, what a refreshing contrast Ms Weidel offers.

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