Friday, July 19, 2019

Linda Sarsour Attacks "White Jews"

Hat tip Eye on Anti-Semitic Monitoring and Vlad Tepes

The above video was published in April. Of course, by that time, Ilhan Omar was already making news with her anti-Semitic attacks. In this speech, Linda Sarsour, radical Muslim activist, attacks "white Jews" who have criticized Omar's comments. As always, Sarsour is at her anti-Semitic worst.

This week, President Trump is under attack again from Democrats due to the chants his audience launched at his rally in Greenville, NC "Send her back". Trump later expressed disapproval of the chants, but the video seems to show that he did nothing to stop them. As that debate rages down the latest rabbit hole, let me comment: Omar is a naturalized citizen and nobody is going to send her back to Somalia (where she came from). Yet, I would not hesitate, given her intolerant statements about Jews and America, to tell her to her face that she should go back to Somalia on her own accord if she doesn't like it here. That is what Trump himself said. It is the harshest thing you can say to an immigrant in any country, but in Omar's case, it applies.

As for Sarsour (born in Brooklyn to Palestinian parents), she is welcome to go somewhere else too if she thinks America is so bad. She, like Omar, is a Jew hater, and, contrary to what she says in the video, Jew hatred is deeply embedded in Islamic teachings.

I myself would not have chanted, "Send her back", but given the violence and rhetoric coming from the left, it is time we also resort to stronger language to those in our country who show such disdain for America.

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Squid said...

Sarsour, Tliab and Omar are Cultural Jihadists and Jew haters. They would like nothing more that to remove all Jews from the Earth and turn America into a Caliphate. This is their goal.

They can leave America at any time they want, but they have a mission to destroy America.