Friday, April 19, 2019

Racial Anger at Williams College

Hat tip The College Fix and Williams Record

Williams College (Massachusetts) is experiencing some racial tension, it seems. At an April 9 student government meeting, one black student erupted in a 15 minute profanity-laced tirade over the issue of funding for a barbeque event to be held for prospective black students.

The College Fix has the video of the meeting. The specific part begins around the 30-minute mark and lasts about 15 minutes. (Warning: The language is uncensored.)

Too bad there wasn't anybody in the room who would tell the kid his language was inappropriate and to clean it up or leave. Everybody basically hung their heads in silence.

Here is how the campus paper, The Williams Record, "reported" on the meeting:

I really don't know why any student would want to take on the aggrevation of being in student government. I begin to question why universities even bother with it.

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