Friday, January 25, 2019

Is the Asia Bibi Story Nearing a Conclusion?

Hat tip Christian Post

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Asia Bibi

It appears there might be a final resolution of the Asia Bibi case. Bibi is a Christian woman who had been sentenced to death in Pakistan for blasphemy against the Muslim prophet Mohammad, a capital offense in Pakistan. The Pakistani Supreme Court reversed her conviction, but the story hasn't ended there. Mobs of Pakistanis all over the country are howling for her death as she is being held under security an an unknown location. According to the below report, the Supreme Court is to reconsider the ruling. That could be as early as January 29.

We can only pray that the court will affirm the reversal and that Pakistani authorities will do the right thing and secretly spirit her out of the country to another country that will step up and give her asylum. I would be proud if that country would be the US.

People everywhere should note this case as a cautionary tale against the spread of Islam into the West.

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