Sunday, January 27, 2019

Angela's Kids on a Field Trip in Germany

Hat tip Breitbart

It was just another school field trip for a group of children in Berlin.  Except that a 10-year-old German boy was attacked and raped by three of his classmates, who just happened to be refugees from Syria and Afghanistan.

How do three boys, age 10-11, from Afghanistan and Syria learn this type of behavior? Did they suddenly become practicing gays at this tender age? Or is there something in the culture they brought with them to Germany? I don't know about Syria, but there are all kinds of horror stories about this stuff coming out of Afghanistan, home of the so-called "dancing boys".

I wonder what Angela Merkel thinks about this. She has been ridiculed for her constant refrain regarding the importation of hundreds of thousands of Muslims (mostly young men) into Germany. "Wir schaffen das". (We can do this.)

So what do you have to say about this, Ms. Merkel?

"Wir schaffen das."

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