Monday, November 19, 2018

Linda Sarsour Shows Her Anti-Semitism-Again

Linda Sarsour, the trash-talking Muslim woman out of Brooklyn, is once again polishing up her anti-semitism in public.  This time she is accusing Jews who oppose another anti-semite, newly-elected Democrat congresswoman, Ilhan Omar, of having a dual loyalty to Israel.

The accusation of American Jews having a dual loyalty to Israel is a canard. Being active in this area, I can tell you that every American Jew I know who defends Israel is a proud American first. The only ones I have met whose loyalty to America I would question are those Jews, who, for some twisted reason, oppose Israel and stand with those forces who would destroy the Jewish state. They are the ones who condemn Israel in one breath and condemn America in the next breath.

Do not be fooled because Sarsour, being the opportunist that she is, has gone out and raised money after the desecration of a Jewish cemetery near St Louis and after the recent Pittsburgh massacre. She is just as cynical and scheming as CAIR in her masquerading behind crocodile tears. Her type of "support" after a Jewish tragedy should be rejected as crass opportunism.

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