Wednesday, August 8, 2018

"Toxic Masculinity" Studies at UCLA

Hat tip Campus Reform

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The Toxic Masculinity Committee was formed in Spring 2018 by four female UCLA students in their capacity as Diversity Peer Leaders, who are paid $13 an hour to facilitate events such as “Unlearning Toxic Masculinity” “Bro, Let’s Talk.” 
-Campus Reform

Ever wonder why the cost of college is so expensive? It's largely die to devoting time and resources to subjects such as gender studies, ethnic studies and worse. Worse meaning subjects like "toxic masculinity". If you are a UCLA student, you pay the latter nonsense out of your student activity fees.

To be clear: This has nothing to do with biology. It is about man hating. (That's a psychological problem, but nobody in academia would ever dare say that.) When I was in college, that was not considered an academic field of study. Times have changed, however. The long haired hippie freaks who I watched protesting when I was a student back in the 60s are now running our universities. Oh, they've cut their hair and put on suits (at least the administrators), but the thinking is still the same. They, in turn, trained the faculty members we see today riding around campus on their bicycles or skate boards wearing sandals and their hair in pony tails and telling their students that everything about America, the West and Israel is rotten. As for the female professors who teach this toxic masculinity crap along with gender studies, they don't have pony tails. They don't even have long hair. It is usually quite short, actually, but don't think that means they are conservative Republicans. Quite the opposite.

There is one aspect of all this that is true, however. This kind of "education" is beyond useless. It is toxic.

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