Friday, August 10, 2018

Strange Suicide of Dutch Politician

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

On Wednesday, Dutch politician Willie Dille, a member of Geert Wilders PVV party (Freedom Party), committed suicide in the Hague after making a video tape in which she claimed to have been gang raped by Muslims a year earlier and accused a Muslim politician of having ordered the rape. She also claimed to have received several threats from unidentified Moroccans not to speak of the rape and accuse the politician in question.

The Dutch police and prosecutor state that they attempted several times to get a formal statement from Dille, but without success as she stated she did not want the police involved ("interfering").

In the below link, Vlad Tepes has posted the video with English subtitles.

The below link from De Telegraaf has more regarding the efforts of police to obtain a statement from Dille (translation by Fousesquawk).

Freedom Party (Member) didn't want any police interference 

'PVV'er wanted no interference police'

For the time being no investigation into 'gang rape' Willie Dille

THE HAGUE - There is as yet no investigation into the possible abduction, rape and threats the PVV council member Willie Dille, who put an end to her life on Wednesday. That reports the Hague triangle, which consists of mayor, police and Public Prosecutor (OM), today.

Both the mayor and the police state that they spoke to Willie Dille several times and insisted on a statement. The Public Prosecution Service states: "Mrs. Dille was approached by the police at the end of last year to report this, or to tell her story. This happened after she told someone in her circle and that report ended up at the police. In sexual cases, possible victims are treated with great care by the police. There were several discussions, sometimes also at the request of Mrs Dille. In them she always indicated that she would not make a report and did not want any interference from the police. For that reason, she did not want to provide any more information on the basis of which an investigation could have been started "

The police and the Public Prosecution Service emphasize that they will take seriously leads that s offer starting points.
Fousesquawk comment: This is a sad case, and we have no way of judging at this time, the veracity of Dille's charges. Her party, the PVV, is strongly against further Islamic immigration into the Netherlands. I will post more if further information because available.

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