Saturday, August 11, 2018

Lawsuit Against SF State

Hat tip Campus Watch

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This action is long overdue, but an uphill battle against the liberal courts in San Francisco. The Lawfare Project has brought a lawsuit against San Francisco State University over the years of harassment against Jewish students (This is a re-filing.). The main perpetrators of this harassment are the General Union of Palestinian Students, who have disrupted pro-Israel events and bullied Jewish students. In addition, some of their members have threatened deadly violence against Israelis. Their mentor is SFSU Professor  Rabab Abdulhadi, a Palestinian agitator with a  history of anti-Jewish statements and associations with terror supporters in the Middle East. In turn, her enabler, at least until their recent falling out, has been SFSU President Leslie Wong, a weak administrator who has stood by and let pro-Palestinian forces run roughshod over the rights of Jewish students to study in peace.

In short, SFSU is a hostile environment for Jewish students.

Given the venue of this court battle, I am less than optimistic of a successful outcome even though I strongly believe in the merits of the case. An appeal to the uber-liberal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals will also, likely be futile. They are based right there in San Francisco.

How positive it would be if SFSU were found culpable in this case with millions of dollars in punitive damages. How nice it would be if Les Wong and Rabab Abdulhadi found themselves out of a job.  Other universities would learn their lesson that if they choose not to protect a segment of their student body out of political correctness or some other agenda, their institutions will pay a price.

How nice it would be if we all sent a loud message to the Abdulhadis, the General Union of Palestinian Students, Students for Justice in Palestine, and all the rest that we stand shoulder to shoulder with our Jewish Americans.

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