Sunday, August 5, 2018

Anti-Semitic Threats on US Campuses

This article first appeared in Times of Israel Blogs.

In following the story of physical threats against pro-Israel students at Stanford by a pro-Palestinian student, I have posted the below account in Times of Israel Blogs.


Squid said...

Excellent article Gary. The aggressive and sometimes assaultive SJP types are allowed to demonstrate their anti-israel and anti-Semitic behavior on US Campuses, by University Administration and sometimes, LEOs. This must stop. Hats off to the brave Jewish and concerned students that call out this atrocious and Unconstitutional behavior.


Gary Fouse said...

And I want to give kudos to the College Republicans at Stanford. They have taken the lead and taken the arrows for standing up for Jewish students.

Squid said...

Yes, they do need a lot of credit for having the stones to confront these anti-Semites!