Friday, August 24, 2018

Another Stabbing Death in Germany

Hat tip Gates of Vienna

"Old Mackie's Back!"

It kind of reminds you of Bobby Darin's old hit, Mack the Knife, which was taken from the 1920s play, The Three Penny Opera, with Mack the Knife (Mackie Messer) roaming the streets of Berlin at night stabbing women. Today, there's a Mackie in every German town.

It's just another day in Angela Merkel's Germany. In Dusseldorf, an Iranian guy stabbed his German wife or girlfriend to death on a city street because she gave him the boot. In the first of two videos from Gates of Vienna, the  perp's ID and background is not given. In the second, now that he is a dangerous fugitive, he is identified as an Iranian, and his name is disclosed (Ali Shah Ghaleh, 44, a refugee). Had he been arrested, the name would not have been provided to the public. Of course, as always, the public is informed that the man is "mentally ill". They all are.

Play it again, Sam.

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"It's still the same old story, a fight for love and gory. A case of do or die."

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