Friday, August 3, 2018

Another Islamophobia Lament from MPAC

Hat tip Chris

Salaam Marayati is the CEO of the Muslim Public Affairs Council, a Muslim-Brotherhood -connected group that advances the Islamist agenda in America. He has sent out a missive that, as always, complains about Islamophobia and includes his tired old talking points about how American Muslims are being marginalized.

A few years ago at the MPAC annual conference in Pasadena in 2012, I spoke one on one with Marayati. I asked him why he had not signed the Freedom Pledge sent to him and 200 other American Muslim leaders by Nonie Darwish, a Muslim Apostate and leader of Former Muslims United, simply asking that they affirm that apostates in America should not be harmed. His response was that there is no death penalty under sharia for apostates, which is a lie. Marayati is a consistent critic of any attempts by law enforcement to uncover those Muslims planning to do us harm. As far as Marayati's friend Lee Baca is concerned, Baca was convicted of lying to federal agents regarding conditions in his jails. I also witnessed Baca and other apologists tell an audience in 2012 that sharia law was compatible with US law (It is not.) That was at a sharia town hall at the Garden Grove mosque of Muzammil Siddiqi, the same imam and same mosque which hosted the Blind Sheikh, convicted terrorist Omar Abdel Rahman in 1992. I would also point out that not all of Marayati's colleagues among Muslim leaders supported the CVE initiative. They took the position that mosques should be entrusted with rooting out extremists a luxury we can hardly afford. In short, Marayati is a dissembler. He does nothing to enhance trust in the Muslim community.

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