Friday, July 6, 2018

Toulouse Imam Recites the Hadith of Hate

Hat tip Gates of Vienna

Toulouse, France is the city where a few years ago, a Muslim terrorist carried out a horrific attack killing several including children  at a Jewish school. Now there is a new issue where an imam named Mohamed Tatai gave a sermon at the much celebrated new mosque reciting the hadith that came from the mouth of the Prophet Mohammad himself and urged the killing of Jews.

The Islamic scholars who tried to explain away this hadith can argue all they want that it means something else. The imam involved can argue all he want that he was taken out of context and the imam can participate in as many inter-faith events as he wants, but it doesn't change the basic message of the quote. It calls for the death of Jews. Period. I wish I had a dollar for every imam who engages in inter-faith dialogue, talk about peace and understanding to non-Muslim audiences  and still quotes this hadith in their sermons.

Zero tolerance for intolerance.

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