Sunday, July 22, 2018

Member of Stanford SJP Physically Threatens Zionists on Campus

Hat tip Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers

"Free free Palestine!"

Here is another reason why Students for Justice in Palestine should be banned from every campus in America. At Stanford, one of its members, a guy named Hamzeh Daoub, posted a Facebook message promising that he would physically fight "zionists" (sic) on campus.

Just what every campus needs. A brown shirt organization that engages in intimidation, disruption and threats of violence. As for Daoub's revised post, using the word "intellectually" instead of "physically", SJP does not engage in intellectual debate with pro-Israel students. SJP disrupts pro-Israel events and gets in the faces of pro-Israel students with mind numbing chants. They are incapable of intellectual debate. Mr Daoub is a sterling example.

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Squid said...

Just wondering if these SJP Brown Shirts are actually students, or walk ons. If they are Stanford students, this university has lowered it's acceptance standards.