Friday, July 20, 2018

Maxine Waters Supporters Burn American Flag

Yesterday, a conservative group called the Oath Keepers was supposed to hold a protest outside the LA office of Maxine Waters (D-CA). The protest did not come off after the LAPD reportedly told them they would not protect them from violence. However, a group of Waters supporters did show up. They stopped a pickup truck being driven by two white men, stole the US flag from the back of the vehicle and burned it.

Here is how the LA Times chose to report the incident.

"Oath Keepers break their promise, bail on planned far-right protest at Maxine Waters' office"
"At one point, counterprotesters pulled a small American flag off of a pickup, doused it in lighter fluid and set it ablaze."

This is disgusting. While it is true that Waters urged her followers not to engage the Oath Keepers, it is incumbent on Waters to immediately denounce these actions. If she does not, we must infer that she is in agreement with what happened.

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Squid said...

First; Waters is nothing but a political hack. She has accomplished near nothing in Congress. She did make a lot of money.
Two; The LAPD Officers have got the message that Far Left is good, Conservatives are bad.
Three; LA has become a pit of Far Left excrement. Sanctuary and cash for illegals, no support for Homeless Vets and others. There is human fesses on the streets and the underground trains smell like pee.