Sunday, July 8, 2018

Hillary Clinton Just Won't Go Away

Hillary Clinton (You remember her.) is the woman who won't fade off into the sunset. Interviewed by the liberal British news outlet, The Guardian, she compared herself to Winston Churchill when asked if she was polarizing. (She may have been thinking about that famous anecdote about a drunken Churchill telling Lady So and So at a cocktail party that she was ugly, that he would be sober tomorrow, but that she would still be ugly.

Hillary, of course, doesn't realize that Churchill is a revered figure in British history. American history will not be so kind to the corrupt and vain Hillary Clinton.

Yet, some believe that she is still planning to run for president again in 2020. Michael Goodwin, in the below article sure thinks so.

I have no doubt that Hillary wants to run again if her health and energy allow it. The problem is, how many bites at the apple are the Democrats (DNC) going to give this loser? Her scandals will still be there for discussion as emails continue to trickle out. The party is moving farther left, and the younger Democrats prefer a younger fresher face (unless Bernie Sanders is willing to give it another go). To them, Hillary is a tired old crony capitalist who is anything but charismatic. They would prefer someone who is younger and more to the left, like Kamala Harris or Corey Booker.

There is also this: Hillary, who is in her 70s now, is not only of questionable physical health, but questionable mental health as well. She told the Guardian that the fate of thoise illegal immigrant children separated from her parents keeps her up at night.

"Clinton said that she is worried that some of the minors may never be reunited, saying that that question is “keeping me up at night.”

Nobody with an ounce of sense believes that. The only thing that keeps her up at night is the thought that Donald Trump, of all people, deprived her of the presidency.

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