Monday, July 9, 2018

Censorship in Germany

It appears that the Merkel government in Germany along wit the press is censoring many of the more horrific details of the crime wave that is sweeping the country thanks to the  million or so immigrants, refugees, asylum seekers and migrant that Merkel has invited into the country.

In April, we reported the story of a migrant named Mourtala Madou who slaughtered his ex-wife and reportedly beheaded their one-year old baby as she sat in her stroller in Hamburg train station. The beheading aspect was not confirmed by authorities in their description of what was a horrific act. Robert Spencer in Jihad Watch is re-visiting the crime and asking if there is indeed censorship when it comes to these horrific crimes. According to one source quoted by Spencer, the government has banned the press from reporting on the beheading.

"Wir schaffen das." (We can do this.)

So could Goebbels.

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