Thursday, July 26, 2018

Anti-Jewish Rants on UC Santa Cruz Website

Hat tip AMCHA Initiative

When I read something like this, I don't know whether to pound my fist into a wall or just cry. It is so sick. It appears on a UC Santa Cruz student (Facebook) website, which leads me to ask why it wasn't immediately taken down. A UCSC alum saw it and forwarded it to the AMCHA Initiative, an organization ironically co-founded by a UCSC professor, dedicated to fighting campus anti-semitism, and with whom I often collaborate.

The person who sent this to the AMCHA Initiative requested that personal names be redacted. I am respecting that wish.

As for the person who wrote this vile garbage, he/she identifies himself/herself only as a descendant of the Elamites (southern Iran). The writer also unwittingly reveals himself/herself to be a Jew hater on a level of the Nazis.

Viewer warning: This is highly disturbing language.

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