Thursday, June 28, 2018

Professor Soliciting Photos of Penises

This one takes the cake

Hat tip The College Fix

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“The photographs are only required for the survey portion,” is her reply. “This is because we ask for specific measurements of length and girth and to ensure data validity and uniform measurement we must ensure all participants are correctly using the bone press method.”

Over the years, I have posted a lot of stories about wacky professors. Some of the stories have to do about sex seminars on college campuses.  I have to admit, however, that Professor Alicia Walker of Missouri State University is the champ. As part of her university-approved research project, she is asking males to send her pictures of their penises, in uh, both forms, at ease and at full attention, as we used to say in the Army.

"The study is open to all types of “men,” including “[Assigned Male At Birth], [Assigned Female At Birth], Post-Phallo, Intersex, Genderqueer, etc.”

"How 'bout me?"

"....approved by the Missouri State University Institutional Review Board."

In  case any of my readers are interested, you can send your "submissions" to Dr. Alicia Walker at :

Missouri State University
Sociology and Anthropology
901 S. National Ave.
SpringfieldMO 65897
Strong Hall 466

Just don't use my name.


Squid said...

Who is funding this nonsense?!


Gary Fouse said...

Who knows? She can probably do it all on the internet and computer. What an academic endeavor.