Monday, June 25, 2018

More Syrian Horror Stories Out of Germany

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

"Wanna take him home?"

As President Trump awaits the Supreme Court's ruling on his travel ban (which includes Syria), the Europeans keep learning the hard way that Syrian refugees are a big headache. Here are the latest two horror stories.

First, in Kassel (Hesse) where a Syrian refugee threw boiling hot water in a janitor's face.

I guess that's what the weapon of choice is when you don't have a bomb, a gun, a knife, or a vehicle. Boiling water.

This week, I had dinner with a German friend, and he told me this lovely story about his brother, a retiree who lives alone in Germany. ( I am withholding the city.) The brother, who is in his 70s, lives in an apartment building. Directly above him, the authorities placed a family of Syrians, apparently, a very large family. All day and night, there is constant noise coming from the apartment apparently with children running around and all. Of course,  nobody is working, so the noise goes on constantly. In addition, the family keeps pigeons on its terrace. The pigeons were constantly pooping onto the unfortunate man's balcony. He made a complaint, so the Syrians clipped the pigeons' wings. Of course, there is little that the city will do to alleviate the poor man's suffering.

This is life in the new Germany. Women can't go out alone at night with young, Middle Eastern guys all hanging around on every street corner. Rapes and homicides abound. Yet Time Magazine this week is running an article by Ian Bremmer claiming that Germany's crime rate is the lowest since 1992, an absurd claim with no source to back it up.

It's bad enough when governments force these problems onto their citizens. It's even worse when the media refuses to tell their readers the dangers they are facing.

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