Friday, June 22, 2018

Man Hater at Northeastern University

Hat tip The College Fix

Headshot of Suzanna Walters

Suzanna Walters, Northeastern University Gender Studies

When academic excellence and today's mainstream me4dia team up, the results are monumental. That's what happened when Suzanna Walters, head of Northeastern University's Gender Studies Department wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post about hating men. That actually led to the pantywaists at Northeastern to issue one of those template response explaining what they are committed to, blah blah blah, woof woof woof, quack quack quack. It is all quite hysterical.

Of course, Walters' op-ed is silly on its face. Harvey Weinstein does not represent men. Most men are not sexual predators or rapists or wife beaters. And like all good liberals, Walters completely omits any reference to the treatment of women under Islam or the epidemic of rapes and murders of European women by Muslim migrants and asylum-seekers. Can't talk about that, you know. That would be islamophobic. Honor killings, child brides? That would be taboo. In short, Walters is just another Western feminist hypocrite.

I'm going to go out on a limb here, and I am willing to take the brickbats. I think when you go inside these useless gender/women's studies departments on college campuses, your will find a lot of anger and hate directed toward men. I think it's the norm. There is no diversity of thought. There is a certain uniformity that even goes beyond thought. I wish someday, someone would do a survey of these departments and their faculties. Tell us how many of these women are in a happy relationship-or any relationship-with a man. I am sure the results would be an eye opener. But, of course, I doubt such a study has been made or ever will be made.

I will leave it to the reader to make the inferences.


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Squid said...

Oh, how I could unload on this Man Hater. But, it would reflect back on me. I agree that most of the Man Hater Woman are very unhappy individuals. They do not have the ability to be intimate with men, because their hatred vitiates the human sexual response. This said, they get angrier about relationships with men. Further, these Man Hater women get angry at women who are happy with their relationship with men, both psychologically and sexually. So, in a College or University classroom, the Man Haters will unload on satisfied woman.