Friday, June 15, 2018

Jewish Students File Complaint With UCLA Campus Police

On May 17, an event sponsored by Students Supporting Israel was disrupted at UCLA.

Now a complaint has been filed with the UCLA Campus Police by affected students.

This is a welcome development and long overdue.

A point to consider: In 2010, when members of the Muslim Student Union disrupted the speech of Michael Oren, Israeli ambassador to the US, at UC Irvine, criminal charges followed and they were successfully prosecuted. In that ugly incident, in which I was present, even they did not rush the stage and get nose to nose with anyone. Though smaller in scale, the UCLA incident was worse in that verbal and physical intimidation occurred. 

It is time for affected students and groups to start filing similar complaints at other universities.

I would go a step further. It is time for the US Justice Department to investigate Students for Justice in Palestine. Their campus chapters across the nation engage in this type of disruption. A charter document of the SUNY Binghamton states explicitly that they will engage in disruptions of pro-Israel events. This is basically a nation-wide organizational conspiracy to intimidate and bully pro-Israel students and deprive them of their own First Amendment rights.

I commend the courageous students at UCLA who have taken this step. It should serve as a template for other universities.

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Squid said...

Glad to see this action on the part of Jewish students at UCLA. Not only are letters needed to go to University Administration, but also to the U.S. Department of Justice and the POTUS, just in case AG Sessions is still asleep.