Monday, June 18, 2018

Jewish Parents Fight Back in Newton, Massachusetts

Hat tip Americans for Peace and Tolerance


"Most of the anger was directed at a May 2 all-day event at Newton North High
School called Middle East Day, during which Electronic Intifada proprietor Ali
’s non-profit group screened several anti-Semitic films for the Newton North students. One film, Ismail, grotesquely aped the opening scene of Schindler’s List, except with actors playing Jewish soldiers as the Nazis, and Palestinians as the Jews. “This blood libel,” said Jacobs, “the ‘Jew-as-Nazi’ lie is the ‘narrative’ that drives Jew-hatred around the world and here you are teaching this to our children.”

Jewish parents in Newton, Massachusetts decided they had had enough of their children being exposed to anti-Israel, anti-Jewish propaganda from the likes of Electronic Intifada. When Newton North High School held an all-day event dedicated to bashing Israel, parents took their complaints to the school board, which reacted in a quite arrogant fashion. This article is from Boston-based Americans for Peace and Tolerance. Their president, Charles Jacobs, was there and  has posted this report. It is highly troubling.

Electronic Intifada is a vicious site dedicated to the destruction of Israel in any way possible.

This is part of a nation-wide problem and not just in our universities. Our kids are receiving a biased indoctrination about the Middle East in general even in the 7th grade. I commend those parents who chose to speak out.

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