Thursday, June 21, 2018

Hungary's New Immigration Law

Hat tip Gates of Vienna

Hungary has passed a new law on immigration, adding to a new law making it a criminal offense to promote the entry of illegal immigrants into the country, which is  interestingly called, "Stop Soros Act" because the billionaire financier is funding a lot of the efforts to bring migrants into Europe. Soros was born in Hungary.

Each state body has a duty to protect the country’s constitutional identity and Christian culture
No foreign population may be settled in Hungary
The criteria have been established for refugee status in Hungary
It is forbidden to live permanently in a public area (homeless people)
Vote for the constitutional protection of the homeland
The Supreme Administrative Court is hereby established
Supporting, assisting and organizing illegal immigration will be punishable with prison sentences
The main objective is to prevent Hungary becoming an migrant-accepting country

This, naturally, puts Hungary at odds with the policies of the EU. Along with the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland, Hungary refuses to be mandated by the EU to accept its "fair share" of migrants.

As Gates of Vienna points out, this particular point seems harsh at first glance:

No foreign population may be settled in Hungary.

What it means, however, is that immigration issues will be considered on an individual basis. It means Hungary does not want to establish entire communities of people from one region or country, no "no-go zones" etc. Given the miseries going on in Western Europe, I completely support Hungary.

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