Sunday, June 10, 2018

Germany's Latest Murder Case- More Updates

In the case  involving the kidnap, rape and murder of Susanna Feldman in Mainz, German authorities have announced that the second suspect, Ali Bashar, an Iraqi asylum-seeker, has been arrested in northern Iraq. He has been flown back to Germany and has reportedly confessed.

That's the good news. Now some more bad news. This week, when a Reichstag member from the anti-migrant party, Alternatif fuer Deutschland, stood on the floor of the Reichstag to ask for a moment of silence for Feldman (who was Jewish by the way), the other parties refused to remain silent. It's the biggest disgrace in the Reichstag since Hitler was making speeches. Incredible. You can watch the actual video here (Hat tip Vlad Tepes).

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