Thursday, June 28, 2018

Ari Lieberman's Article in Front Page Magazine

I am cross-posting an article running today in Frontpage Magazine by Ari Lieberman concerning the problem of anti-semitism in Europe. Lieberman places the blame right where it belongs, first on the perpetrators who are overwhelmingly not neo Nazis or skinheads. They are overwhelmingly Muslim immigrants who bring an age old Jew hatred with them from the Middle East

Lieberman also blames the Europeans for their indifference, particularly the failure of the courts to adequately punish those who assault and even kill their Jewish fellow citizens.

Pretty depressing reading, isn't it? On the one hand, I do feel sorry for everyday Europeans, especially young women who are being attacked by these migrants, asylum-seekers and refugees. Many of them, ironically, are Syrian. Other prominent groups are Moroccans and Somalis.

On the other hand, you could argue that Europe is making its own bed. They are trading off their Jewish citizens for the Muslim newcomers. The former group has made major contributions to European culture, life, medicine and in so many other areas. The latter group is living on public welfare, hanging out on street corners, and many are committing violent crimes as a means to show their gratitude.

Some trade off.

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Squid said...

Yes, Europe has made their bed and now sleeping in it. The Europeans have not done their research, or just ignore the Fundamental Islamist goal to turn Europe into the Middle East. They too, ignore their own anti-Semitism which is shameful.