Monday, May 7, 2018

The Height of Religious Arrogance

Hat tip Jihad Watch

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Could there be anything more arrogant than settling in another country where the majority religion is one other than your own and taking offense at that religion to the point of defacing and vandalizing places of worship and icons? Yet that is exactly what is happening in the West, where many Muslims who have actually arrived as refugees and asylum-seekers take offence at our religion and our culture.

In Germany, 5 churches in the picturesque town of Bamberg in Franconia were hit by vandalism. The perps have not been identified, but I'm taking bets here. (Bamberg is a town I am well familiar with having been stationed just down the road in Erlangen in the 1960s. It was also known as The Town Without Pity, based on a movie about an actual rape case that occurred there.)

And in Pennsylvania, a Muslim guy was so offended by seeing a church service that he had to stop and disrupt it. He may have actually caused a ruckus at two churches.

The worst thing one can say to an immigrant is "Go  back to your own country". In most cases, it is unfair. Those who utter it are called racists, bigots or what have you, and most of the time it is deserved. But is it so wrong to say that to people who would come here and insult the main religion-even going to the point of vandalism? I don't think so.

I lived for three years in Thailand, a devoutly Buddhist country. Yet, there was total freedom of religion, and I always respected their religion. I learned the rules on how not to offend by saying or doing things we Americans consider normal.

I have no patience or tolerance for this type of behavior as is happening in Europe and America by some immigrants who consider our Christian practices to be an insult to their own religion. If they are so offended, they should, indeed, go back to their own countries.

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