Thursday, May 31, 2018

The Attack in Liège: Interview With Hostage

Hat tip Gates of Vienna, Ava Lon for translation and Vlad Tepes for sub-titling.

On May 29, a Belgian citizen and convert to Islam, Benjamin Herman, killed two policewomen in the Belgian city of Liège,  killed a third victim, then was shot and killed by police. Below is an interview (in French with English sub-titles) with a Muslim cleaning lady who was held as hostage by Herman.

I am glad the hostage was not harmed. It is chilling, however, that she was spared only because she was Muslim.

The threat to Europe and North America is self evident. It comes either from ISIS fighters infiltrating the ranks of refugees from the carnage in the Middle East, or from Muslim residents already in the West who are inspired by the call from ISIS to attack where they live. This also includes converts like Herman.

President Trump is 100% justified in wanting to restrict the flow of Muslims into the US.

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