Tuesday, May 15, 2018

The Anti-Semitism of Students for Justice in Palestine

SJP Calls for Shutdown of Hillel

Hat tip Campus Reform

This article first appeared in Times of Israel.

Students for Justice in Palestine is a brown shirt organization co-founded by UC Berkeley professor Hatem Bazian, a man who embarrasses UCB almost daily. (The only reason they have not noticed is because they have hundreds of other professors doing the same thing.) I have written many times about SJP at UC Irvine. They were established at UCI to fill the void left by the (10-week) suspension of the Muslim Student Union after their disruption of a speech by then Israeli ambassador to the US, Michael Oren, in 2010. Ever since, SJP at UCI has made a practice of disrupting campus events that support Israel. Currently, they are serving a two-year probationary period at UCI.

Now SJP has again shown their colors (brown and more brown) at State University of New York at Stony Brook, where they are arguing for the abolition of campus Jewish groups including Hillel.

I have long been critical of the UC Irvine chapter of Hillel because its adult leaders have refused to fight back against the type of anti-semitism displayed on campus by the Muslim Student Union and SJP. Yet, Hillel is a nationwide organization whose primary mission is to enhance Jewish life on campus. To argue for their abolition on any campus is nothing more than thinly disguised anti-semitism.

Then there is this absurd quote from SJP:

We, as members of SJP, know the difference between Zionism and Judaism,” the group wrote on May 2. “Judaism is a beautiful religion, and we value our Jewish allies, like Jewish Voice for Peace.”

This is ridiculous on its face. First of all, SJP is primarily Muslim in its membership though they do admit members of other religions. However, SJP is merely a front group for the Muslim Student Association chapters. (MSA itself is a creation of the Muslim Brotherhood.) I dare say you will not find any Muslim members of SJP who think Judaism is a beautiful religion. As for Jewish Voice for Peace, this is nothing but a left-wing collection of misfits who not only align themselves with those who would kill every last Jew in Israel if they could, but who use the same tactics of intimidation and disruption as SJP.  Josef Goebbels could not have come up with a more outrageous quote.

This latest move by SJP at Stony Brook is despicable ans should be denounced by every decent member of the Stony Brook community. If there is any organization that should be banned from campus, it is Students for Justice in Palestine.

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