Thursday, May 17, 2018

Shireen Qudosi and the Islamophobia You Don't Hear About

Shireen Qudosi is a young Muslim reformer who has a lot of interesting perspectives on Islam and the many controversies that swirl around her religion. (She is a Sufist.) In the below article, she takes issue with the Southern Poverty Law Center and reminds us that within Islam itself, there are many phobias, such as mainstream Islam's phobia against Ahmadiya Muslims.

In my view, the SPLC has squandered must of its past credibility by unfairly accusing some of being bigoted especially against Muslims. What about the mutual hatred between Sunni and Shi'ite Muslims, who kill each other and have been doing so every since the Prophet Mohammad died? What about the persecution against Ahmadiya Muslims in places like Pakistan?

What about the phobias held by Muslims against Jews, Christians, Yazidis, non-Muslims in general, gays and others?

We all (including the SPLC) need to listen to reformers like Qudosi. Her website, The Qudosi Chronicles, is linked here at Fousesquawk (Blogs I Read).

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

SPLC has definitely squandered its past credibility. Its pretty standard though... find a cause, fight for the cause, make substantial gains, look around for raison d'etre to justify more grants to keep the cause going because its become your meal ticket and the reason people invite you to all the right parties. Oh, and none of their issues seem to relate to poverty.