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Pakistani Girl Lured From Italy Back to Pakistan for Forced Abortion

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Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet-set in Verona, Italy

Here is another horror story out of Italy, and, in this case, Pakistan. The scenario is this: A 20-year-old Pakistani girl, attending school in Verona, gets pregnancy by her Pakistani boyfriend. Enraged, the parents take her back to Pakistan and she is forced to undergo a forced abortion.

The Italian news outlet, Il Giornale, has the report. Translation by Fousesquawk.

The girl was taken back to her country of origin by deception. To her friends, she wrote: "This time my father will kill me."

Taken to Pakistan by deception by her father. Then tied up for 8 hours and forced to abort. A story that makes one shiver, that which saw the protagonist, a girl of Pakistani origin,  residing in Verona.Now the 20-year-old has been freed by the police in Islamabad. She is safe and in the company of representatives of the Italian authorities. In February, Farah  told her friends, "We'll see each other in a week". From those days, however, nobody had seen her.

The student- enrolled until last year at the professional institute Sanmicheli in the Veneto city (Verona) had become pregnant by a boy, himself also Pakistani, with whom she was having a relationship. A fact that infuriated the parents to the point of  forcing her to terminate the pregnancy. "They punctured me and killed my baby. My father wanted me to get married here," wrote Farah to her friends on Whatsaap. And then in an audio, she told: "They sedated me, tied me to a bed and forced an abortion". The (Italian) foreign office intervened asking the Italian embassy in the Pakistani capital to check up urgently on the news relative to the student.

Maltreatment in family   

As reports TGcom24, the girl has lived in Verona since 2008. Her father is owner of a business and has been reported other times for family abuse, the girl even turning to social services in September for help. The situation was serious to the point that the municipality decided to put her up for a period of time in a protected shelter.

Sarah, after having stated that she was reconciled with her family, returned home and then was forced to go to Pakistan. Here the nightmare began. And to tell it the 20-year-old (used) Whatsaap messages to her friends. The young woman was locked in a room, tied up and sedated until the intervention of a (female) doctor who induced abortion with a pill. Pushing the investigation was the school network of the young woman, from her friends up to the (school) director.

Farah is well known and appreciated in her school circle. So much that the professional institute San Michele, where she attended, had acted to arrange her exams in a manner that would have permitted her to face the  months of pregnancy more serenely.

Her story reminds us of that of Sanaa, the Pakistani girl who lived in Brescia and was killed by her father, solely because she wanted to marry an Italian.

What a coincidence that this story begins in Verona, the setting for Romeo and Juliet.

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