Friday, May 18, 2018

New Birther Theory: Trump Was Born in Pakistan

Hat tip Daily Mail, Gates of Vienna, and Vlad Tepes

Is this tongue-in-cheek, a case of what goes around comes around, or just utter stupidity in Pakistan? A Pakistani news outlet is claiming that Donald Trump was born in Pakistan!!!

But wait! There's proof- a photo of young Donald as a boy in the hinterlands of Waziristan.

Pakistani news channel Neo News ran a bizarre report suggesting that the President-elect was born as Dawood Ibrahim Khan in Pakistan in 1946

Pictures don't lie. Meet Dawud Ibrahim Khan (r) aka Donald Trump.

Of course, this adds a new angle to  the Starship Mueller investigation. Now Mueller can send his crack team of investigators to Pakistan to investigate whether Trump is even qualified under law to be president. We may even see this today on Wolf Blitzer's Situation Room. I can hardly wait to hear Maxine Waters' next speech. How do you say "Impeach 45" in Urdu?

I say let's do a DNA test on the entire Trump family. Anyone who looks at Ivanka Trump would know she is......

Image result for ivanka trump
.....half Pakistani.

Hey! If Elizabeth Warren can pull it off, anyone can.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

Well, it makes about as much sense as saying any other president wasn't born in the USA.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Nah. That would undermine the credibility of the photo of Trump's parents in full KKK regalia.

Oh, I see I'm back to the last item I commented in a few weeks ago. And nobody else has said anything since? Busy blog.