Friday, May 25, 2018

Hillary's New Medal


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So Hillary Clinton has been awarded something called the Radcliffe Medal by Harvard University for having " a transformative" effect on our society.

Did I get that right?

I'll say! As First Lady, her and her husband transformed the White House into a sleazy den of corruption.

As secretary of State, she transformed the State  Department into a incompetent, corruption-ridden bureaucracy and used her top secret communication system as if it were a personal blog.

With her and Bill's Clinton Foundation, she transformed the idea of charity into a giant money-laundering enterprise.

Now she goes around collecting honors and crying that there is a crisis in our democracy. Any time a person like this wins her party's nomination to run for president, there is, indeed, a crisis in our democracy.

Shame on Harvard for giving Hillary Clinton this or any other medal.


Squid said...

Harvard is over rated. It is a pit of Far Left inequality, nothing more nothing less. I would not waste my money not time in that place.


Anonymous said...

Hillary's proof that a Luciferian, pedo corruptocrat can get away with multiple felonies and murders and still be walking free , collecting accolades from her fellow America trashing gangsters

Gary Fouse said...

I agree to a point.I don't know what the pedo refers to and The alleged murders have never been proven, so I have never accused her of that. But make no mistake. She and her husband are two of the biggest crooks I have ever seen in America. As one who spent his life in law enforcement and believed in our system, I cannot fathom how she and others got away with things like Op Fast and Furious, Benghazi and the emails. Of course, she was not directly involved in Fast and Furious though it constituted a severe diplomatic incident letting guns go into Mexico. She was SecState at the time.

She is one despicable creature.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

I'm not aware that she's transformed much of anything.

Harvard is over rated.

Squid and I have found something to agree on. But Harvard, however degenerate, remains thoroughly bourgeois. A mass of bohemians sowing their radical wild oats before settling down to a six figure career do not count as "far left."