Thursday, May 31, 2018

Allah Is Akhbar Once Again in The Netherlands

Hat tip New English Review

On Wednesday afternoon, Dutch police responded to a disturbance in an apartment in the town of Schiedam. They were confronted with a 26-year-old man screaming "Allahu Akhbar" and wielding an axe. Police shot the man, but not before he fatally wounded their police dog.

There is something dreadfully wrong when so many Muslims invoke the name of their god when committing horrendous acts of violence. Yet, when you learn the Koran, the hadith, the  life and words of Mohammad, it all comes together. There is nothing peaceful about Islam. It is nothing more than a murderous ideology of hate and violence. It has  no place in any civilized, free country. It is only at home in the hellholes of Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Sudan, Libya and too many other hellholes that I can list here.

There are, of course, decent Muslims, but they are unable or unwilling to make a difference.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

In the 1920's, a magazine called The Light and Heebie Jeebies ran a column on black people who did something good for white people. One concerned a woman in Mississippi who saw her "white" neighbor taking an ax to her own children. One or two out of six were saved. The ax-wielding mother said she had been commanded of the Holy Ghost. Religion is a great cover for psychopaths, especially when everybody is talking about it.

Gary Fouse said...

So you offer up a case from the 1920s, eh? Do you have nay idea how many Islamic attacks have occurred since then?