Monday, April 23, 2018

Merkel Is Shocked-Shocked!

                                                                                   "What could possibly go wrong?"

It seems the scales are finally falling from Angela Merkel's eyes. Once again, Jews in Germany have to watch their backs. And Angela even knows who the culprits are. It's the Muslim immigrants and refugees. She has finally said it.

I could have told her that 3 years ago.

It is Merkel and her insane immigration policies that have brought on this mess. Due to all the rapes and sexual attacks, women have to watch their backs as well. They have been told by Merkel's government to dress modestly and stay at home night.

Same culprits.

German civilians have died from truck attacks and knife attacks. Same culprits.

At least Merkel has admitted the truth when it comes to Jew hatred. The new generation of Germans were not raised to hate Jews. They were taught about the horrors and the shame of the Holocaust. But Merkel has allowed some one million Muslims into the country, many of whom were taught to hate Jews from the time they were children. They also brough attitudes towards women and non-Muslims with them, attitudes they had learned since childhood.

I mean, what could have possibly gone wrong?

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