Saturday, April 28, 2018

Melanie Phillips' Letter to the Muslim World

"We understand why you hate Israel. Paranoid hatred of the Jews is embedded in your religious texts. Moreover, since you believe that any land ever occupied by Muslims becomes Muslim land in perpetuity—and since the very idea of the Jews being your equals in ruling their own land is anathema to you—your culture of honor and shame means that you cannot accept a Jewish state in a region you claim as your own."

Writer and commentator Melanie Philips has published an open letter to the Muslim world about Israel. The message is clear: Israel is running circles around the Palestinians and the rest of the Muslim world that wants to destroy the Jewish state. I am therefore happy to post this.

Melanie, of course, neglected the one notable contribution to civilization given to us by the Muslim world-the suicide vest.

I will add her site to those I have already linked to mine.

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