Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Facebook Censorship

Mark Zuckerberg is getting two days of grilling in Congress this week. He is dancing around hostile questions about Facebook's censorship.

As we have noted previously, Facebook made an agreement with Angela Merkel's government to censor remarks on Facebook that were critical of Islam or Muslim immigration in Germany.

PJ Media has already reported that a German Christian historian named Michael Hesemann had his Facebook remarks about Islam punished with a 30-day suspension of his account.

The German-language Kathnet News has more detail.

Here is a partial translation with the relevant information.

Facebook blocks Hesemann for 30 days after criticism of Islam

 "Der Islam spielt in der 1700jährigen Geschichte des christlichen Abendlandes immer nur eine Rolle: Die des Damoklesschwertes, das über uns hing, der Bedrohung durch die Barbarei, gegen die es sich zu vereinigen und derer es sich zu erwehren galt. Insofern ist nicht der Islam ein Teil der deutschen Geschichte, sondern der Abwehrkampf gegen den Islam!" 

 " In the 1700 -year history of the Christian West, Islam plays only one role: That of the Sword of Damocles that hung over us, the threat through barbarity, against which we must unite and defend ourselves. To that extent, Islam is not a part of German history, rather the defensive struggle against Islam."

Mr Zuckerberg better be very careful how he answers questions under oath.

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Squid said...

There is documentation of Zuckerberg's censorship of Conservatives. This will be an embarrassment to "Zuck" when it is pointed out, after he testifies. Of course, nothing will happen to him, because he has donated big to many Democrats.