Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Dr Zuhdi Jasser's Talk at Duke

Hat tip Duke Chronicle and The College Fix

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A university in North Carolina

Duke University likes to advertise itself as The University of North Carolina, a slap at UNC. Yet, when the College Republicans bring in a conservative speaker, especially one like Dr Zuhdi Jasser, a true Muslim moderate, a true American patriot, the usual outcries come from the left, and in this case, the Muslim Student Association. The Duke Chronicle, the campus newspaper, ran an editorial criticizing the CR for bringing Jasser to speak. One of the co-sponsors, the Alexander Hamilton Society, withdrew from sponsorship.

Yesterday, Jasser spoke at Duke. His appearance was opposed by the MSA and the event had to be moved to an alternate location for security reasons. Fortunately, it went off without any problems.

I find it really amazing how students on the left always claim that the presence of a conservative speaker on campus, like Jassed, Dennis Prager or Ben Shapiro makes them "feel unsafe". Imagine how Jewish students must feel when they hear someone chanting, "Khaybar, Khaybar o Yahud. (Jew). The armies of Mohammad are returning" That charming little ditty refers to a battle when the town Khaybar was conquered by the armies of Mohammad, who put several hundred Jews to the sword.

At least Jasser was able to speak and the little rascals didn't disrupt or stage a mini-riot. That allowed Duke to at least claim that is a university in North Carolina.

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