Friday, April 27, 2018

A New Form of Prostitution In Italy

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

There  is a sad new twist to the migrant crisis in Italy. In the northern city of Padua (Padova), young migrant men, mostly Senegalese, are swapping sex services for food. The "Johns" are actually middle-aged women and older men. Translation by Fousesquawk.

Padova (Padua) red light zone. Migrants sell themselves for food

In Padua,  a type of red light zone has been created in which women and old people go in search of young migrants

Women in search of men in Padova, the zone between  Piazza De Gasperi and the area of the train station has been transformed  into a red light zone where women and old people seek out young men of color.

The payment may not be in money, rather in food.

The testimony (of witnesses)

The search starts as soon as the sun goes down. The targeted prey are young (male) immigrants, mostly Senegalese. who are in search of a meal and who barter it with sex. "The Senegalese young men position themselves between Via Cairoli and Corso del Popolo. Lured to them are women of middle age," explains a businessman who has a business near there on the pages of Il Gazettino.

Another witness explains that "It is true. They are approached by women and at times they are paid in food."  A circle that has transformed the migrants into boy toys. The phenomenon has been  present in the zone since January. "It has been a couple of months that I see the movement. I have often noted  women approaching the African young men, but sometimes also by men. It goes on at all hours of the day."  

This is a disgrace. Whatever one thinks of the fact that so migrants are pouring into Italy, they should not have to live in this manner.  Just another shameful aspect of a shameful situation that Europe's leaders have dumped on their people.

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