Saturday, March 24, 2018

Who Is Hafiz Kazi?

On Wednesday, a 51-year-old man named Hafiz Kazi, originally from India, plowed his car through the gate at Travis Air Force Base north of San Francisco, and ignited it with propane tanks, killing himself in the process.

As you will see from the below three news reports, investigators cannot state (or will not) what the motive was.

Jihad Watch, however, identifies Kazi as a Muslim.

But what is the basis for concluding that Kazi is a Muslim? India though not predominately Muslim, has a large Muslim minority, in the tens of millions. (172 million in 2011 census) Here is a clue:

Hafiz is a Muslim name, meaning one who has completely memorized the Koran. This is not to say that Kazi has memorized the Koran, only that he was given that name at birth. Gates of Vienna elaborates.

Before this case is forgotten, the authorities (and the media) need to clear this issue up. Was this a case of Jihad?

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Unknown said...

The fact the bomber was completely incompetent (he failed to provide for mixing the propane into the air before ignighting it) does not minimize the threat. He may well have comrades with higher IQs. We nwed to be informed of the motivation for this attack.