Saturday, March 31, 2018

Syrian Sets Building on Fire in Leipzig: One Dead

Hat tip Gates of Vienna, Egri Nok and Vlad Tepes

Zwei Menschen auf dem Dach des Feuer-Hauses winken, um die Aufmerksamkeit der Helfer zu bekommen. Eine Person leuchtet mit einer Taschenlampe
Two residents of apartment building stand on roof and signal fire fighters for help
 Photo: Einsatzfahrten Leipzig.

It's getting so hard to keep up with the attacks just in Germany, let alone Europe. Here is the latest from Angela's Wonderland. A 32-year-old Syrian man set fire to a large apartment building in Leipzig. Many had to leap to safety into the nets of firemen. As of this writing, one person is dead and 17 are injured. The below posting from Gates of Vienna has two videos, one which has no dialogue and the other is as yet not sub-titled. The Syrian, who was a resident of the building is in custody.

A woman hands her toddler to rescuers
-Photo Silvio Buerger

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