Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Orange County and County Sheriffs Push Back

California, under the insane leadership of  Governor Jerry "Run Down" Brown, has gone completely off the rails. Aside from his failing and wasteful high speed rail system and massive prisoner releases, has made the state a sanctuary state when it comes to illegal aliens.

Now that the US Justice Department has gone to court to contest California's sanctuary policies, others in the state are starting to jump ship. Today, the Orange County Board of Supervisors in a 3-0 vote (two were absent), decided to join the federal government.

As to California Attorney General Xavier Becerra and his threats, when this is all decided in the future it may be Becerra who is looking at the law from the wrong side-the side of the defendant.

This is a big victory in the fight against sanctuary polices. It is also a victory against the Council on American Islamic Relations. Their Southern California chapter, under the leadership of the arrogant Hussam Ayloush, sent out an "alert" last night asking people to go to the Supervisors Board meeting this morning to argue against the motion raised by the supervisors to oppose sanctuary policies.

This is all part of the CAIR strategy, that is to align themselves with other "marginalized, victims" groups. Of course, CAIR believes in open borders. They also want to flood the country with Muslims, be they Syrian refugees, Afghan refugees, Somali refugees, or anything else that is Islamic.

But here's the kicker: The sanctuary issue is one that concerns mostly Latinos from Mexico and Central America. You should note that in the US, the greatest proportion of converts to Islam comes from the Hispanic population. In other words, CAIR looks at these people as potential converts. Aside from that, it is part of CAIR's leftist identity.

Kudos to the Orange County Board of Supervisors and the Orange County Sheriff's Department.


Squid said...

This is a big plus for Orange County. Illegals may think twice about seeking sanctuary in the OC. What I find amazing is the CA AG Becerra stating he will come to the OC to arrest the OC Sheriff for her legal actions in notifying ICE about release dates for serious felons. The OC Sheriff responded to Becerra's threat with this statement: "That will be interesting". In my opinion, the Sheriff's statement sounds more like, "Make My Day"


Gary Fouse said...

The first time Becerra takes that type of action, he should be indicted by a federal grand jury.

Squid said...

Let us hope that Becerra is as stupid as he seems, with the vailed threats to the OC Sheriff. If he does come on down and tries to arrest the Sheriff, I would be pleased to see him in one of the cells in the OC County jail.