Thursday, February 8, 2018

Adam Schiff's "Probe" Into Trump

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Adam Schiff (D-CA)


Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff  was the victim of a prank phone call last April by two well-known Russian pranksters. Posing as a chairman of the Ukrainian parliament, one of the callers actually got through to Schiff on the phone and led him down a path of mystery and intrigue that Schiff bought. Schiff, who is the front man in Congress's effort to push the Trump-Russia collusion narrative, must have thought he had the goods to destroy Trump as he was told of how Trump was compromised with a call girl. There were supposedly nude photos of Trump and taped phone calls between Russian officials with all the dirt going directly to Putin. They even told Schiff of a meeting in Brighton Beach (Brooklyn) between Michael Flynn and a Russian agent.) Schiff copied down all the info and promised to give it to the FBI.

And it's all on tape (below). The Daily Mail (UK) has a report.

Aside from the obvious humor (Full disclosure: They also punked Nicki Haley), doesn't this tell you a lot about how people like Schiff are digging for any kind of dirt they can get on Trump? So a couple of Russian pranksters actually get through to Schiff and start telling him this story and he's writing it all down? When does Schiff ask these guys, "Who the Hell are you?" Is he really ready to talk to anybody who calls in pretending to be a Ukrainian official?

I have long  considered Adam Schiff to be a fool. This verifies it.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

When you were working for the DEA, did you ever get an anonymous tip from someone who did not want to identify themselves? If you were a conscientious law enforcement officer, of course you would check it all out before taking action that could endanger innocent people. But did you write it all down first, so you would have a detailed account of the anonymous tip to check out thoroughly and see if there was anything to it?

Gary Fouse said...

Well, yes, but I never got any calls from the Ukrainian parliament.

Gary Fouse said...

Actually, we used to tell callers like this to call the FBI.