Monday, January 15, 2018

Things Get Schlimmer and Schlimmer in "the New Germany"

*Worse and worse

Not since Hitler was around have things been so bad in Germany thanks to Angela Merkel. As she sits in her bunker trying to save her skin by forming a coalition government, something Hitler never thought of, the attacks by migrants and refugees go on unabated. Gates of Vienna has a run down on the latest from the Pit of Misery.

We begin in Cottbus, where a couple of Germans were attacked apparently failed to move off the sidewalk to show their respect to some new arrivals from Syria.

And in Leipzig.

Meanwhile, the Propaganda Ministry is busy telling Germans how they should really feel about the unfortunate Afghan who murdered a girl in the town of Kandel.

And in Hamburg, a Palestinian "refugee" knife attacker answered the age old question of why when he told a court that he did it for religious reasons-to kill as many German Christians as possible.

But don't worry all you Germans (and Western Europeans). This is the new generation of "workers" who will support the welfare state by paying taxes because you all are not reproducing. That will all eventually, but in the meantime you have to pay more taxes to support these people who are reproducing about 8 times as much as you are. Also, in the meantime, you have to stay indoors at night and make sure your women are not provocatively dressed lest they be set upon and, well can figure it out.

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